🔺Shut Em Down!⚠️

MaskDAO is not flattered by someone so convinced WGMI that they’d try to scam new members with this weak imitation. Hashmasks community member MaisonDeNFTS spotted this fake and we want to make sure you and your friends do not lose good ETH. Here’s how to identify and, most importantly, report it!

The person or persons who created these fakes almost deserves credit for being cunning enough to superimpose what looks like a real OpenSea verified blue check mark on the stolen Hashmasks logo inside the logo’s border (see below). They link to the real Hashmasks website and Discord and are betting people won’t notice the extra apostrophe after “Hasmasks.” Another tell is, this sham collection is on Polygon. The real Hashmasks are only on the Ethereum network. Stealing the legit background is another sneaky touch. The URL with a “-10” after hashmasks is a dead giveaway and the total traded is a pittance compared to the REAL Hashmasks at 39,600 ETH total traded volume. Lastly, there’s the owner count well short of the true collection’s 5,000+ unique wallets.

FAKE Collection: How to Spot and Not Get Scammed

The website and Discord links (circled green) are real but this OpenSea page is FAKE!

The real Hashmasks collection has:

  • An OpenSea blue check mark that halfway crosses the HM logo’s border
  • No apostrophe at the end
  • 5,000 owners
  • Nearly 40K total ETH volume in sales
  • A current floor price over 1.5 ETH
  • Is available for sale on OpenSea only at this URL

🚩How to Report the Scam Collection (Click Here to Report, DO NOT BUY)

(1) Step one: click “More” then “Report.”

🚩Report the scam🚩

(2) Step Two: Select “Fake collection or possible scam” from the drop down.

👆Select Fake from the drop down.

(3) Step Three Select “Hashmasks” from the Original collection drop down and click “Report.”

Congrats! You’re protecting people🙏

The Irony, or Perhaps Karma, Is NOT Lost

Ironic that after Collecta launched The Greats, with the world’s most renown fine arts forger Wolfgang Beltracchi, there’s a copy of the older sibling the Hashmasks for sale on Open Sea? Yes, ironic or maybe it’s karmic but it’s certainly distinct.

Beltracchi created paintings in the style of famous artists and successfully duped legacy experts the world over to sell his works for millions as lost originals. The Polygon fakes are unoriginal low effort and resolution copy pasta jobs.

The Hashmasks is enabling artists to create derivatives from their template and compete for a spot in the Coinbase NFT launch. After reporting this fake dear reader you and your artist friends are invited to create an original work in the Hashmasks style!




MaskDAO is the official DAO for the Hashmasks community.

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MaskDAO is the official DAO for the Hashmasks community.

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