Why, MaskDAO. For Real Now.

Carebear stare.

MaskDAO’s Wise Ys

  • Your strength resides within not from trying to dominate for a sense of power
  • You genuinely have fun learning new things, helping and meeting new people
  • You’re willing to break rules (not the law) and test boundaries
What superpower can MaskDAO help you develop? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljY0FWs9bLg
Dave Chappelle to Joe Rogan on getting the rights to Chappelle’s Show. May 7, 2021

The MaskDAO Picture

Samantha ain’t sellin’
  • “Real job” = boss, rigid structure telling you what to do/how to do it, paycheck is the motivator
  • MaskDAO participation = your own boss, do the work you agree to because you want to do it and do it your way, less money is ok because you’re playing an infinite game

Attracting And Retaining Diamond MaskDAO Members

DAOs In General: The Supporting Evidence

Creator Cooperation Economy

Jurassic Park, T-Rex crushes Velociraptor (1993).
  • Creator Economy. Individual creators are less constrained by gatekeepers because of technology (Power To The Person).
  • Cooperation Economy. Modern creation and distribution technologies makes cooperation between individuals advantageous, “DAOs are internet-native organizational structures, like the modern LLC or C-Corp, designed for liquid online collaboration” (The Cooperation Economy).

Featured Mask, “Mr Toast”

Follow the antics on Twitter. There’s no telling where Mr Toast will pop up. https://twitter.com/Bloke_Toast

FAQ Notes




MaskDAO is the official DAO for the Hashmasks community.

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MaskDAO is the official DAO for the Hashmasks community.

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