Why, MaskDAO. For Real Now.

Identify the pain point(s), need(s) to be met. Present a novel executable solution to a relatable problem. That’s an organization’s why, its reason for being.

So, why should anyone care about MaskDAO?

Carebear stare.

Welcome to The Great Online Game Player One. You’ve made it down the MaskDAO rabbit hole this far so maybe you’re an infinite gamer. Here’s a checklist to see if you are and fit well with MaskDAO’s Whys:

  • Your strength resides within not from trying to dominate for a sense of power
  • You genuinely have fun learning new things, helping and meeting new people
  • You’re willing to break rules (not the law) and test boundaries

Lao Tzu puts it this way, the great dao flows everywhere both to the left and to the right. It loves and nourishes all things but does not lord it over them and when merits are accomplished it lays no claim to them. -Alan Watts

Yes-yes-yes that’s me and philosophy is great-n-all but, why MaskDAO?

Dear Player One,

It’s why Wolverine does better as a part of the X-Men than he does solo. It’s also why the X-Men do better with Wolverine than without him. MaskDAO has a core group using their powers to Hash out some amazing projects. That core group of superheroes also trains and helps other MaskDAO members level up their skills to increase participation opportunities. Synergies build.

What superpower can MaskDAO help you develop? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljY0FWs9bLg

Ok, so MaskDAO isn’t here for finite Game A players but we’re still going to make money, right? Scooping some in-game Interwebs money, crypto, is part and parcel of playing BUT it’s not the end-all-be-all.

MaskDAO’s $MSK token as cost-to-claim utility token was purposefully setup without a LP or roadmap. Why? Because,

“if you look at life, anything in life, through the framework of money you’ll miss most of the picture.”

Dave Chappelle to Joe Rogan on getting the rights to Chappelle’s Show. May 7, 2021

In seminal DAO playbook, How To Grow Decentralized Communities, Peter lays out a three stage grass roots leadership funnel to drive token network community growth. The funnel starts with attracting members, specifically intrinsically motivated members. The intrinsically motivated members are the long term success guarantors because they,

“form strong communities and sustain their participation even when the monetary upside is uncertain.”

Intrinsically motivated MaskDAO members love the art, the hidden messages and participate with Mask passion. They will hold because the art is more than a token to be swapped. It’s a meaningful connection.

Extrinsically motivated members divide community pie when prices pump by seeking attention. Their FUD paper hands crumple when it dumps because theirs is a short term, self-serving finite strategy. Their divisive poison infects the community’s pie creators who then leave. The community exodus concludes with the extrinsically migrating suck their next external reward oasis dry.

Compare the extrinsically motivated to an owner who broke her six year Twitter hiatus by tweeting her new Mask avatar. Although she’s not active in the Hashmasks community Samantha’s diamond hands haven’t tweeted since she got her Mask. There will always be a place for her if she decides to participate in MaskDAO.

Samantha ain’t sellin’

There are opportunities for pecuniary gain throughout the community growth funnel but the money element is most concentrated at the consolidation phase. Even then, the primary purpose is to acknowledge participatory value rather than to motivate it.

  • “Real job” = boss, rigid structure telling you what to do/how to do it, paycheck is the motivator
  • MaskDAO participation = your own boss, do the work you agree to because you want to do it and do it your way, less money is ok because you’re playing an infinite game

Source cred, Metagame’s coordinated game play, Coinbase rewards, Zapper quests, Reddit, and Gitcoin are distinct gaming reward systems that reinforce participation. MaskDAO will have participatory rewards with elements from these systems. Now the fine art money part.

Love the art, more capital than spare time? WE WANT YOU! This is fine art but it’s not 100% about the feels either. Staking is participating. Intrinsically motivated patrons know what time it is. Supporting MaskDAO initiatives can raise their collection’s valuation. Even if there’s another investment with a higher short term yield they maintain the symbiotic relationship by continuing to stake.

The rising tide lifts all the boats. -John F. Kennedy

MaskDAO members went through an exercise in May to define who We as a group are. Maskers shake out as sigma personality types (male, female characteristics). Strong, silent and internally driven with an ability to see beyond self: money alone will neither attract nor retain MaskDAO sigmas. MaskDAO attracts and retains those inquisitive philosophical minds who delight in introspection by delivering soft and hard needs.

The MaskDAO why, the raison d’etre, and long term success sauce is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs [in a legacy media corporation stomping format]. Riiight. Let’s have a look.

After one’s physiological needs are met comes security and a steady job. Let’s replace job with an income stream. Hashmasks owners are generally keen to leverage their IP and creators are looking for opportunities to build. Plug the Creator Economy (one person can use the Interweb’s magic to compete with corporations) in with the Cooperation Economy and we start unlocking the rest of Maslow’s levels.

MaskDAO, like all DAOs, is a social body. The Hashmasks is a cross-cultural body of fine art work. MaskDAO meets members soft social needs by providing an environment to grow weak ties into a sense of belonging. Participation boosts self-worth and accomplishment.

MaskDAO’s why, her intrinsic reason for being, is to help members discover what makes them Hashy and express their Hashiness. The Hashy path is a self-aware quest to best answer the ultimate question, why am I doing this thing called life? And maybe earn some coin while playing the game with new friends…

Web2 reinforced the proof that weak ties outside the core social network are bridges to other networks (Weak Ties Matter). Those bridges have access to new and unique information. A DAO trying to bind owners or creators like Coca Cola and Pepsi to single product allegiance is throwing up a serious lacks zeitgeist red flag. David Hoffman from Bankless (The Future of Work) lays out a clear case that DAOs,

“will share a significant amount of the same members.”

DAOs are weak tie hubs that bring people with shared passions together to collaborate online. A DAO’s weak ties could be as simple as general discussion acquaintances in Discord. Sometimes weak ties form liquid teams (from distinct communities) who collaborate on their DAO- in-common idea.

“Fantasy Hollywood” — Crypto and Community-Owned Characters takes the position that NFTs are IP Lego-like building blocks that communities can form around. The creation of Cryptopunks Comics and Aku storytelling creates positive demand feedback loops for the underlying works. The conclusion, next gen DAOs will be creator DAOs.

Back in the day economists aping the free market were getting asked, why do corporations exist if free markets efficiently deliver goods? Answer was: corporations can scale up better than individuals. In the footnotes juxtaposing the transaction cost advantage is an important caveat, overhead and bureaucracy costs limit corporate growth. (Feels like Bilbo Baggins spotting the weak spot in Smaug’s armor.)

Jurassic Park, T-Rex crushes Velociraptor (1993).

Outside of NFTs we see cooperative PoS Polygon validators sharing to decentralized cost and DEX participants cooperate through LPs to earn staking rewards. Inside the NFT space Web3 is looking to be a meteoric media creation and distribution economic evolution.

  • Creator Economy. Individual creators are less constrained by gatekeepers because of technology (Power To The Person).
  • Cooperation Economy. Modern creation and distribution technologies makes cooperation between individuals advantageous, “DAOs are internet-native organizational structures, like the modern LLC or C-Corp, designed for liquid online collaboration” (The Cooperation Economy).

[MaskDAO is an ecosystem within the larger Creator Cooperation Economy for persons who share an interest in the Hashmasks.]


Enter the Web3 Efficiency Dragon. Here and now agile individuals have an exploitable edge. A skilled API user can replace corporate departments with their overhead costs. A project with low startup cost can be underway with an, I can handle this if you’ve got that. No time for corporate *burro-cracy either (*donkey, Spanish).

Check out lean and liquid Masker Creator BrucetheGoose’s NFT Hub who teamed up with PolyPingu for a shared charitable cause.

Featured Mask, “Mr Toast”

Follow the antics on Twitter. There’s no telling where Mr Toast will pop up. https://twitter.com/Bloke_Toast

FAQ Notes

Wen Roadmap?

After $MSK claiming. We’re looking to attract the intrinsically motivated.

Wen $MSK LP?

After the Roadmap is released. We’re looking to attract the intrinsically motivated.

Wen NFTX fix $MSK mining exploits?

That’s entirely beyond Mask DAO’s control. NFTX is aware and will roll out a new version. We are looking at bounties and paths to redemption / Robin Hood status recognition for skilled individuals.

Wen BoredHash.com article?

The article link with occupy this space, soon.

MaskDAO is the official DAO for the Hashmasks community.