How to Claim

Word is out. The clock is running to claim $BAPE and $MSK on Before connecting your Metamask wallet to click claim there are a few things to consider…

Metamask installed on your browser and ready to connect that wallet!!
  • Each unique wallet address is able to claim 10,000 $BAPE and $MSK IF they own a BAYC or Hashmask that has not already been used to claim.
  • $BAPE and $MSK are transaction cost-to-claim governance utility ERC20 tokens. They were created with the specific intent to foster intra & intercommunity strength through cohesion. Future use cases will be community determined.
  • There are no Liquidity Pools (“LPs”) to trade these tokens. The communities who adopt them may establish an LP if they wish.
  • Why spend the good Ethereum to claim a utility token that can’t be sold? This may not be the opportunity to participate in if a why cannot be found among the 10,000–16,384–12,000 pieces of art. So it’s been Tweeted and so has it’s been read, #DYOR.
  • Thanks for all of the UX feedback in the Discord! We’re aware that some Masks in the LPs have been claimed on (“skunked”). Considering there’s no LP for the DAO’s utility token, that could be a compliment. 🙂
  • Please see instructions for checking whether a Mask can still claim $MSK 👇👇👇 while we develop a slick solution and continue to share in real time

Ready to Claim Your $MSK? Here’s How

Go to and connect your MetaMask Wallet (that little fox 👆).

The Connect Your Wallet button on BoredHash should now look like this 👇

Click the claim button and select how much gas to pay for claiming your tokens.

Gas Fee is for demonstrative purposes only.

Click Next.

Click confirm.

Gas Fee and Total are for demonstrative purposes only. Gas Fee will match Total.

Step 7: Preparing to Add the Custom Token

Congratulations! The token is now in your wallet but we need to add it as a custom token to see it. Go to the Assets tab in MetaMask and open the most recent transaction under Activity. Click the arrow to open a new browser tab with the full transaction details in Etherscan.

On the Etherscan browser tab’s Interacted With (To) line, drag the mouse and click on Copy To Address to clipboard.

Go back to MetaMask and switch from Activities to Assets. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on the Add Token button.

Paste the contract address that was copied from Etherscan into the Token Contract Address tab and click Next.

After clicking Next, Metamask with ask whether we would like to add these tokens. Click Add Tokens.

Scroll to the bottom of the MetaMask assets tab. The newly added custom token should now be visible. Pat yourself on the back for leveling-up your crypto game; see you in the DAO!

Has a Hashmask Claimed $MSK? How to Check.

Hello Etherscan my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again.

Find the Hashmasks’ Token ID.

Full example available at

Got to the Read Contract page and click isTokenForNftClaimed.

Input Token ID and click Query.

Hashmasks Token ID 2257 has already been used to claim $MSK during this wave. Buyers will not be able to claim additional $MSK.

MaskDAO is the official DAO for the Hashmasks community.