A Distribution Fairness Thing

The following is an Urgent MaskDAO Announcement

4 min readAug 19, 2021


There is a MSK LP on Uniswap V3 that was neither setup nor endorsed by MaskDAO. Consequently and for reasons that follow, we declare MaskDAO’s Token, MSK, deployed on June 12, 2021 defunct, effective immediately. Please note, there is also an entirely unrelated “Mask DAO” MSK token that was created and used to set up a LP before Hashmasks were minted. DO NOT BUY either of these tokens. Neither will confer any benefit within the MaskDAO ecosystem.

We Owe You Yoba

Overdue and under the least idyllic circumstance, MaskDAO formally thanks dear Yoba for creating the MSK token that enabled [y]Our DAO to get to where We are today. Likewise we applaud his indelible Mask-Ape Cross-Community spirit exemplified at galleries.boredhash.com. Thank You Yoba!

Please, DO NOT BUY MSK Tokens. They’re worthless to MaskDAO.

DeGov’s Dawn

As MaskDAO passes through the consolidation phase to ossification it becomes ever imperative to preserve the DAO’s fragile democracy. Some DAO members sought to exploit the MSK token’s distribution system and place [y]Our DAO’s deliberative democratic process on unequal footing to their individual advantage. In the most extreme case, a single wallet accumulated eighty-eight times (88x) what each one of us was due. On August 19, 2021 at 10:45 UTC a snapshot was taken to document the addresses who embodied the DAO’s most solemn belief, Suum Cuique, and those who did not.

The MaskDAO Team weighed the stick, opportunity to “get right” — avoid the stick, and carrot approach. MaskDAO will rely on the recently conferred 2.5% sales fee revenue to finance a new token’s development and airdrop costs. Nobody should have to pay to receive a token they spent good faith Ethereum to claim.

We’re moving forward. Everyone who held MSK as of the August 19, 2021 at 10:45 UTC snapshot will receive an equal amount of the new Mask DAO token. Recompense Carrots for MaskDAO wallets who did not possess more than the 10,000 MSK per member allocation will be addressed at a later date.

MaskDAO apologizes to the Hashmasks community for these growing pains. We’re striving to keep the pains to a minimum. MaskDAO’s egalitarian democratic environment will not be built quick if it’s built to make Time tremble.

Sage Buterin Dropping Brain Bombs

Vitalik Buterin dropped a DeGov’s token-based voting risk assessment MOAB on August 16th. VB’s authoritative piece proposes some solutions that may serve MaskDAO. One solution has been in place since May. Community Calls do more than provide operations updates. Those opportunities to connect are MaskDAO’s front line proof of personhood system. We appreciate all of the people who contacted the Team Mods and will update Role information on or about Saturday August 21, 2021 at 16:00 UTC.

Proof of Personhood August 15th, Announcement Channel https://discord.gg/rnqE68HaCw

Vitalik Buterin’s piece attributes the lack of bribe takeover events to three factors that will arguably degrade over time. The first is, “community spirit… a sense of camaraderie in a common tribe and mission.” Here we respectfully dissent with particular regard to MaskDAO’s raison d’être. [Y]Our DAO’s Suum Cuique spirit is a Web3 grand cause to endure.

One cannot understand the art studied by only looking for the end result without taking the time to delve deeply into the reason for the study. — Miyamoto Musashi

MaskDAO. It’s More Than a Mask. It’s a Mindset.

Being Hashy is to be empowered with mantra (“mind shield”). The Suum Cuique mantra binds us, may all get their due. To hold a Hashmasks fine art piece is to be guaranteed a ten year (from inception) utility token stream and unfettered IP rights. We believe in passive income due unto Hashmasks owners while cognizant, fine art creates itself not. Artists and non-artists who wish all get their due, MaskDAO wants y-o-u.

How does a DAO not only of, by and for Hashmasks owners play out? In May MaskDAO’s current iteration went through an exercise to examine the reason for Our endeavor. The MaskDAO Canvas made Our cause plain but not simple, create a:

  • sustainable
  • participatory
  • economic stakeholdership opportunity
  • for the Hashy minded.

The winner’s army is animated by the same spirit throughout its ranks. — The Art of War

We recognize today’s CEO to line-worker pay is wholly inapposite to Our creed. The Team will put forth a budget that equitably compensates participation in all forms (hint: Diamond Hand Rewards, Floor Bot, Roles, Contests). We’ll terraform MaskDAO’s zone of influence as we’ve been doing, with wisdom, time and persistence.

Brain Food

The Suum Cuique mantra said aloud interacts with space-time fabric because sound waves are anti-gravity. Join MaskDAO and put your Suum Cuique body, speech and mind into making this metaverse the Web3 it can be.




MaskDAO is the official DAO for the Hashmasks community.